FICTION FACTORY is a Munich-based film production company specializing in documentaries and DVD/Blu-ray special features.

This website offers a complete chronological listing of every documentary produced by Fiction Factory since the start of the company in 2002, currently over 200 titles. (Also included are earlier documentaries by Robert Fischer produced for German television in 1999-2000 and Fischer’s contributions to The Criterion Collection. Please note that most of the latter are produced and owned by Criterion.)

The DVD/Blu-ray section lists, in alphabetical order, every published DVD or blu-ray that contains bonus features produced by Fiction Factory and/or Robert Fischer, with currently over 360 entries from all over the world.

A search by director (either as subject or contributor) is possible either by clicking on a director’s name in the column on the right, or by using the search bar.

If you are looking for films, names or subjects NOT listed in our database, please contact us! We are constantly working on new productions, either shooting in Europe and the USA, or editing new documentaries from our vast collection of archival interviews with directors, actors, film historians and other experts or crew members. See here for a selection of our unedited, as yet unpublished filmed interviews. Among the subjects covered are the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, Budd Boetticher, Louis Malle, Otto Preminger, Francesco Rosi, Raoul Walsh, William Wellman, Fred Zinnemann and many others.