Will He Live or Will He Die: Walter Hill on Southern Comfort

»In Robert Fischer’s 2012 excellent documentary WILL HE LIVE OR WILL HE DIE, Walter Hill sits in an attractive garden setting to give a rare onscreen interview on his film SOUTHERN COMFORT. While he refuses to answer to suggestions that the film is an allegory for the Vietnam War – even revealing that he threatened to sack anyone involved in its making who admitted to such allusions in press interviews – he offers a wealth of retrospective information elsewhere. He calls the film a ›displaced Western‹, speaks of its themes of morality, and describes the swamp-set shoots as ›physically miserable‹. But, crucially, he says he wouldn’t change a thing. Hill is relaxed and affable as he professes to still like the film’s casting and speaks well of each of his actors, even the infamously ›difficult‹ Carradine – ›a deceptively naturalistic actor‹. The documentary is split into seven chapters: The Last Patrol, The Swamps, A Displaced Western, The Actors, Cajun Culture, The Music and The Job Of The Director. It is a perfect accompaniment to the main feature.« –

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