Rumble on the Lot: Walter Hill’s Streets of Fire Revisited

This feature-length documentary on the making of STREETS OF FIRE features director Walter Hill, art director James Allen and actors Michael Paré and Amy Madigan. It is split into 11 chapters:

•  Introduction and Main Credits (3:10)
•  A Voyage of Discovery (4:49)
•  Soldier Boy (4:26)
•  The Queen of the Hop (3:23)
•  The Leader of the Pack (2:54)
•  The Sidekick (5:12)
•  The Battery (15:28)
•  The Richmond (13:01)
•  The Fights (7:44)
•  The Music (11:58)
•  Heroes Don’t Cry (6:56)

“This is a high quality and very in-depth piece that makes the disc worth buying on its own merits. It’s well presented with a play all option, or the ability to select each section individually, and features a wealth of interviews, both new and archive, about every aspect possible. We learn various reasoning behind certain choices, including the violent tones and how the final fight was changed to make the hero more likable. Hill talks about how the combination of music and action can only bear a certain amount of violence, so he had to find the right balance, reducing the amount of violence originally intended. Seemingly, they also hired real Hell’s Angels in minor biker gang roles at the end of the movie. This documentary is full of fascinating tidbits and is an easy, relaxing viewing.” (Samuel Scott,

“The filming of Streets of Fire, its initial less-than-enthused reaction from critics and moviegoers, and its ultimate resurrection as a cult classic on video and cable is discussed in amazing detail with many interesting stories about Hill’s visual and literary influences in making Streets, working with a relatively unknown cast, and turning the fabled Universal back lot into a time-warped playground of music and mayhem among others.” (Bobby Morgan,

“This documentary is superb. Very high quality and in-depth look into the making of the film. […]  it’s a documentary that’s well worth watching, and one I recommend doing straight after you’ve watched the movie.” (Matt Coomber, High-Def Ninja)

“For anybody out there who has a pre-existing love for this film I assure you this is worth the price of the blu-ray on it’s own. There are candid interviews with most key cast members, as well as Hill and other crew members. It’s a fascinating look at how the film was conceived, evolved and was ultimately made. Hill seems bruised by it’s perceived failure and Paré seems like he’s never really gotten over that part of his life. It’s certainly Paré who makes this documentary, his honesty and recanting is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.” (

“Walter Hill dominates the proceedings, quite rightly, but there’s also interesting contributions from Michael Pare, Amy Madigan and the art director James Allen, the latter pointing out that the film is like a graphic novel ten years ahead of its time.” (Mike Sutton, The Digital Fix)

“Hill is the most engaging and offers some very interesting insights into what he believed in, and what he feels about the legacy of the film. It’s a worthy accompaniment to the actual film.” (Flicks and the City)

“Michael Paré looks astonishing given he must be fifty-five now and his glee at his good luck is evident in every entertaining story. All the contributions are valid and entertaining – Amy Madigan’s joy at punching out Bill Paxton is also a treat.” (

“This is a must watch for fans of the film.” (Jason Abbey, The Movie Waffler)


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