Visiting… Budd Boetticher: Budd Boetticher on the Ranown Cycle

Originally filmed and produced in 1999 as BESUCH BEI BUDD BOETTICHER by Raphaela Film (Eckhart Schmidt), newly edited and produced in 2018 by Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion.

»Best of all is a lengthy docu-featurette originally done by Eckhardt Schmidt in 1999, and given a later re-edit by Robert Fischer of Fiction Factory. Taken at Boetticher’s ranch, we see the director training one of his horses in the ‘toreador style’ clearly learned in Mexico. Boetticher’s candid talk offers frank assessments of his own career and others’ as well. He admits that he was a rich kid who ran away to Mexico and talked his way into training for the bullring. He also admits that his socialite mother wangled him a studio job to get him to stay home, and that he got the nod to direct because Harry Cohn had simply run out of likely suspects and thought he had it in him. He also says that he no longer romanticizes Mexico. Among the other trials and travails of trying to make Arruza, a powerful Mexican film honcho decided that Budd should sign over part ownership of the project. The connected producer had Boetticher thrown into solitary confinement for more than a week to persuade him. In his cell Budd thought, ‘What would Randy Scott do in this situation?’ Boetticher also gives a complete rundown on his friend and star. Randolph Scott came to Hollywood already a millionaire from a marriage settlement, and proceeded to multiply his fortune while acting for his own pleasure. Boetticher describes Scott as incredibly likable, a swell guy without boundaries, and we believe him.« (Glenn Erickson,


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