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FICTION FACTORY is a Munich-based film production company specializing in documentaries and DVD/Blu-ray special features.

FICTION FACTORY ist eine Münchner Filmproduktionsfirma, die sich auf Dokumentarfilme und DVD/Blu-ray-Bonus-Features spezialisiert hat.

28.11.2016 | New Fiction Factory Documentaries on Upcoming International DVD and Blu-ray Releases


Signal One | UK | 20 March 2017




Signal One | UK | 20 February 2017

Contains the Ficiton Factory bonus feature ENCHANTED ISLAND: MICHAEL GREEN ON GUY GREEN AND THE FILMING OF »THE MAGUS« (30 min).


13.09.2016 | A Granddaughter’s view: Vanessa Wanger Hope on Joan Bennett, Walter Wanger and Fritz Lang

In Fiction Factory’s brand-new interview feature THE WOMAN IS DANGEROUS, filmmaker Vanessa Wanger Hope talks passionately about her grandparents — Hollywood star Joan Bennett and producer Walter Wanger — and the pair’s collaboration with director Fritz Lang on no less than four films: MAN HUNT (1941), THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944), SCARLET STREET (1945) and SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR (1947), the latter two produced by Diana Productions, a company founded and run by the star/producer/director trio. But the main focus here is on Joan Bennett’s life and career and on MAN HUNT, which will come out on blu-ray in the UK early next year, with THE WOMAN IS DANGEROUS included as an extra feature!

09.09.2016 | Running in the Dark: New documentary with film scholar Glenn Erickson on Jules Dassin’s »Night and the City«

Here at Fiction Factory we just finished editing on RUNNING IN THE DARK, in which film scholar Glenn Erickson tells the fascinating story behind Jules Dassin’s noir masterpiece NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950), starring Richard Widmark as an American low-life racketeer literally running out of luck in London. Watch out for this 42-minute documentary on an upcoming blu-ray of NIGHT AND THE CITY.

18.08.2016 | Coming Attraction: Judy Geeson on Richard Fleischer’s »10 Rillington Place«

British cult actress Judy Geeson (TO SIR WITH LOVE, BERSERK, DOOMWATCH) recently met with Robert Fischer in Los Angeles to reminisce about Richard Fleischer’s true-crime drama 10 RILLINGTON PLACE (1971), in which she plays John Hurt’s wife and is — spoiler alert! — famously killed by none other than Britain’s notorious serial killer John Christie (Richard Attenborough). The 22-minute documentary, BEING BERYL: JUDY GEESON ON RICHARD FLEISCHER’S 10 RILLINGTON PLACE, will first appear as a bonus feature on Paris-based Carlotta Film’s DVD and blu-ray editions of Fleischer’s film later this year.

31.07.2016 | In the Works: The Making of Richard Fleischer’s »The New Centurions«

Joseph Wambaugh wrote his first novel »The New Centurions« while still active as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, and his fact-based, painfully realistic book became a nation-wide bestseller when it came out in 1971. Replacing heroic cops with struggling, psychologically damaged characters, Wambaugh changed crime literature forever. Richard Fleischer’s filming of Wambaugh’s novel, also called THE NEW CENTURIONS, followed a year later and, in turn, revolutionized crime movies. Now, 45 years later, the Fiction Factory documentary COP STORIES: THE MAKING OF RICHARD FLEISCHER’S THE NEW CENTURIONS, featuring new filmed interviews with writer Joseph Wambaugh, star Stacy Keach, technical advisor Richard E. Kalk (Wambaugh’s real-life LAPD partner) and assistant cameraman Ronald Vidor, chronicles the production of that landmark film in all its stages from script to screen. The 45-minute documentary will be avilable later this year.

15.07.2016 | New Documentary on Guy Green’s »The Magus«

In the works at Fiction Factory is a 30-minute documentary on Guy Green’s controversial 1968 film THE MAGUS, adapted from the bestselling John Fowles novel by the author himself and starring Michael Caine, Anthony Quinn, Candice Bergen and Anna Karina. In the documentary, ENCHANTED ISLAND: MICHAEL GREEN ON GUY GREEN AND THE FILMING OF THE MAGUS, it is the director’s son who takes us back to the summer of 1967 and gives a first-hand account of how the Spanish island of Mallorca and its gorgeous beaches stood in for the fictitious Greek isle described in Fowles’ novel.

23.04.2016 | Out Now: Sam Fuller’s Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street


The recently restored director’s cut of Sam Fuller’s DEAD PIGEON ON BEETHOVEN STREET is now out on DVD and blu-ray from Olive Films (USA). In both formats, the release includes the feature-length Fiction Factory documentary RETURN TO BEETHOVEN STREET: SAM FULLER IN GERMANY, featuring rare archival footage of Fuller on the set and new interviews with actors Christa Lang-Fuller, Eric P. Caspar and Hans-Christoph Blumenberg, fellow directors and Fuller fans Wim Wenders and Dominik Graf, film scholars Bill Krohn and Janet Bergstrom, Fuller’s daughter Samantha and more.

27.01.2016 | New documentaries on Frank Perry’s »Doc« and Bob Rafelson’s »Black Widow«

Independent British distributors Signal One Entertainment have just announced two blu-ray releases that will feature a string of brand-new Fiction Factory productions.


Frank Perry’s DOC (1971) is set in 1881 and begins with Doc Holliday entering the ‘No Name Saloon’ and challenging a man to a game of poker. He bets his horse for the opponent’s wife, the whore Katie Elder, and wins. From then on, Elder goes wherever Doc goes. When they arrive in Tombstone, Sheriff Wyatt Earp is standing as a candidate in the local election, but hostilities erupt and the Clanton family, a gang of outlaw cowboys, make their opposition felt. Doc soon joins forces with Earp and his brothers to take on the Clanton gang. This gritty, revisionist take on the true story of the legendary gunfight at the OK Corral stars Stacy Keach as Doc Holliday and Faye Dunaway as Kate Elder, and features music by the legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb (Wichita Lineman). Signal One’s blu-ray of DOC (street date: 29 February) will feature these two Fiction Factory features: TRUTH BE TOLD: STACY KEACH ON FRANK PERRY’S »DOC« (20 min), and OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM: ALAN HEIM ON EDITING FRANK PERRY’S »DOC« (25 min).


In Bob Rafelson’s BLACK WIDOW (1987), FBI investigator Alexandra Barnes (Debra Winger) becomes obsessed with proving glamorous socialite Catharine Petersen (Theresa Russell) is a murderess, responsible for the deaths of several millionaires who died suspiciously soon after marrying. Believing her to have assumed a new identity each time, Agent Barnes sets out to prove her suspicions, but finds that she too is falling under the spell of her seductive suspect. This stylish thriller from director Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces, The Postman Always Rings Twice) features brilliant performances by two of Hollywood’s most exciting actresses, and stunning cinematography by the legendary Conrad L. Hall (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man), who returned to make Black Widow after a ten-year absence from film-making. Signal One’s blu-ray of BLACK WIDOW (street date: 7 March) will feature these two Fiction Factory features: THE PREDATOR AND HER PREY: RON BASS ON WRITING »BLACK WIDOW« (27 min), and BRIGHT COLORS, DEEP BLACKS: CONRAD L. HALL AND THE VISUAL STYLE OF »BLACK WIDOW« (29 min).

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24.11.2015 | New documentaries on John Frankenheimer and Robert Aldrich

At Fiction Factory, new documentaries on two classic Hollywood films just finished production: ILLUSION OF FREEDOM has veteran cinematographer Richard H. Kline (ASC) reminiscing about the making of John Frankenheimer’s BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ (1962) starring Burt Lancaster, on which Kline was the camera operator for director of photography Burnett Guffey.

In MEANS OF SURVIVAL, veteran screenwriter Christopher Knopf talks about writing in Hollywood in the fifties, sixties and seventies, with special emphasis on being inspired by story elements from Jack London’s »The Road« for his screenplay EMPEROR OF THE NORTH (1973), directed by Robert Aldrich and starring Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Keith Carradine.

These two documentaries will first be published on the French blu-ray editions of BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ and EMPEROR OF THE NORTH, due out in early 2016.