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FICTION FACTORY is a Munich-based film production company specializing in documentaries and DVD/Blu-ray special features.

FICTION FACTORY ist eine Münchner Filmproduktionsfirma, die sich auf Dokumentarfilme und DVD/Blu-ray-Bonus-Features spezialisiert hat.

25.03.2014 | New: Thelma Schoonmaker on Scorsese’s »The King of Comedy«

Fiction Factory has finished production on a 40-minute documentary called INSIDE RUPERT PUPKIN: THELMA SCHOONMAKER ON MARTIN SCORSESE AND THE KING OF COMEDY, in which Schoonmaker, one of the world’s leading film editors, discusses her ongoing working relationship with director Scorsese and reflects on the making of one of their finest collaborations. The interview was filmed in London last February and will first be available on Paris-based Carlotta Films’ DVD and blu-ray of THE KING OF COMEDY, out in France on May 14.

11.01.2014 | In Produktion: »Auf eigenen Schwingen«, ein Film über die Visionen des Sir Hubert von Herkomer

Im Auftrag der Stadt Landsberg am Lech realisiert der Filmhistoriker und Dokumentarfilmer Robert Fischer die erste abendfüllende Filmbiographie über den Maler, Komponisten und Filmpionier Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914), die pünktlich zum 100. Todestages des Künstlers ihre Premiere erleben wird.

Der Film unternimmt eine spannende biographische Spurensuche, die von Herkomers Geburtsort Waal bei Landsberg über seinen Wohn- und Arbeitsort Bushey bei London bis nach Südwales und wieder zurück nach Landsberg führt. Dabei entsteht ein fakten- und anekdotenreiches filmisches Portrait Herkomers, in dem führende Kunsthistoriker und Herkomer-Experten aus Deutschland und Großbritannien zu Wort kommen. Am Ende wird klar: Herkomers Visionen sind heute noch lebendig und haben nichts von ihrer Faszination verloren.

Mit Anne Blessley, Sonia Fischer, Christoph Hartmann, Else Herkomer, Hugh Lewis, Patrick Mansel Lewis, Ulf von Malberg, Hartfrid Neunzert, Dr. Michael Pritchard,  Claudia Sepp, Gavin Stamp u.v.a. Eine Produktion der Fiction Factory Robert Fischer Filmproduktion, München. Länge: ca. 95 Minuten.

Uraufführung am Samstag, 5. April 2014, im Stadttheater in Landsberg am Lech.

19.12.2013 | Coming soon: »Swan Song: The Story of Billy Wilder’s Fedora«

Fiction Factory’s latest feature-length documentary SWAN SONG: THE STORY OF BILLY WILDER’S FEDORA has just completed production. SWAN SONG features exclusive interviews with FEDORA’s stars Marthe Keller, Michael York and Mario Adorf, cinematographer Gerry Fisher, production supervisor Harold Nebenzal, and Paul Diamond, son of scriptwriter I.A.L. Diamond. Rare on-set footage allows an insider’s glimpse of Billy Wilder at work. Click on the video below for the first four minutes of SWAN SONG, which has already been licensed to Carlotta Films, Paris, for their DVD and blu-ray release of the restored FEDORA, announced for February 2014.

SWAN SONG was produced in association with Bavaria Media and Global Screen and runs 87 minutes. It covers every aspect of the filming of Billy Wilder’s acclaimed drama FEDORA (1978) and is divided into ten chapters: 1) A Change in Hollywood, 2) Adapting “Fedora”, 3) Money from Munich, 4) Finding Fedora, 5) Shooting in Greece, 6) Shooting in Munich, 7) Shooting in France, 8 ) The Fate of FEDORA, 9) After FEDORA, 10) FEDORA Reborn.

08.11.2013 | Out Now: Cinematographer Richard H. Kline on Brian De Palma’s »The Fury«

Here’s an excerpt from the Fiction Factory documentary BLOOD ON THE LENS: RICHARD H. KLINE ON BRIAN DE PALMA’S THE FURY, available now from Carlotta Films in France (on DVD and blu-ray) and Arrow Films in the UK (on Blu-ray).

08.09.2013 | New: »Rumble on the Lot«, a feature-length documentary on the making of Walter Hill’s »Streets of Fire«

Here are the first three minutes of Fiction Factory’s latest production RUMBLE ON THE LOT: WALTER HILL’S STREETS OF FIRE REVISITED. The 80-minute making-of includes brand-new interviews with director Walter Hill, stars Michael Paré and Amy Madigan, and art director James Allen (scroll down for screen shots). In the UK, Second Sight Films’ blu-ray of STREETS OF FIRE will come out on November 18. In Germany, Koch Media’s street date for the blu-ray is November 8.

17.08.2013 | Coming Soon: Brian De Palma’s »The Fury« with three brand-new Fiction Factory documentaries

Fiction Factory has completed production on three new documentaries on the making of Brian De Palma’s supernatural thriller, THE FURY (1978):

• BLOOD ON THE LENS: An interview with Cinematographer Richard H. Kline (26 min.)
• SPINNING TALES: Fiona Lewis on starring in The Fury (13 min.)
• THE FURY: A LOCATION JOURNAL – An interview with Sam Irvin (48 min.)

In the UK, Arrow Video will bring out THE FURY on October 21. In France, Carlotta Films have announced the film for October 23. Both releases will contain the above bonus features, and much more. Pre-order now!

10.08.2013 | »The Tarnished Angels« (Masters of Cinema #64) with three Fiction Factory documentaries

THE TARNISHED ANGELS, Douglas Sirk’s spellbinding chronicle of personal obsession, romantic longing, and irreconcilable desires, now appears as one of the most extraordinary films to come out of 1950s Hollywood, evoking Depression-era New Orleans with glorious black-and-white CinemaScope photography. On August 26, the film will have its international blu-ray premiere as part of the Masters of Cinema Series in the UK.

Three Fiction Factory bonus features will be part of the package:

• INFERNAL CIRCLE, a video interview with critic Bill Krohn

• ACTING WITH DOUGLAS SIRK, a collection of archival interviews with Douglas Sirk, producer Albert Zugsmith and actors Rock Hudson, Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone, incorporating a new interview with director and Sirk afficionado Allison Anders

• TALK ABOUT THE BUSINESS, a video interview with supporting actor William Schallert

29.07.2013 | In the works: Walter Hill’s »Streets of Fire«

London-based Second Sight Films have announced the UK blu-ray release of Walter Hill’s 1984 rock ‘n’ roll fable STREETS OF FIRE, and here at Fiction Factory, we are proud to once again contribute a slate of brand-new bonus features. Last week, Robert Fischer was in Los Angeles and brought back filmed interviews with director and co-writer Walter Hill, actor Michael Paré, actress Amy Madigan and art director James Allen. This will be the third Walter Hill film to get the Fiction Factory treatment after SOUTHERN COMFORT and THE LONG RIDERS. Please contact us for DVD and blu-ray rights for other territories!

Walter Hill

Michael Paré

Amy Madigan

James Allen

11.05.2013 | In Production: »Swan Song: The Story of Billy Wilder’s Fedora«

FEDORA (1978), Billy Wilder’s penultimate film, proved to be his swan song – his last true masterpiece. It is the mesmerizing, terrifying portrait of a glamorous film star who pays too high a price for her desire to hold on to fame, beauty and youth. In the guise of a suspense drama, and sprinkled with that inimitable Wilder humour, comes a satire more piercing and telling than any other film on Hollywood since Wilder’s own immortal classic, SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950). And again, as in SUNSET BOULEVARD, it is the character played by William Holden who tells the story.

In retracing the making of FEDORA, Robert Fischer’s documentary SWAN SONG: THE STORY OF BILLY WILDERʼS FEDORA adds yet another layer of comment and reflection on the film’s very own subject matter: 35 years after playing the romantic leads in FEDORA, Marthe Keller and Michael York look back at working with Billy Wilder – and their careers. Additional testimonies come from acclaimed cinematographer Gerry Fisher, producer Harold Nebenzal, Paul Diamond (son of Wilder’s writing partner I.A.L. Diamond), and German actor Mario Adorf. Rex McGee, Wilder’s long-time friend and protégé, will serve as a creative consultant on the project. On-set interviews with Billy Wilder himself and a plethora of never-before-published photographs and documents are also included, plus rare footage of the shooting of one of the deleted scenes.

Fiction Factory’s SWAN SONG: THE STORY OF BILLY WILDERʼS FEDORA is now in production and will be ready for delivery in the fall of 2013.